Area of Research

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Numerical Heat Transfer (NHT)
  • Fuel Combustion
  • Nanofluids
  • Aerodynamics

Research Profile Summary

Publication Years : 2022 – Present

Under review

Published Journal Papers (12)

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[12] Mithun, C.N., Hasan, M.J., Azad, A.K., Hossain, R., & Rahman, M. (2022). Double-Diffusive Unsteady Flow in a Roof-Based Air Ventilation System with Variable Prandtl Number. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 1-16.

[11] Hasan, M. J., & Bhuiyan, A. A. (2022). Investigation of thermal performance and entropy generation in a helical heat exchanger with multiple rib profiles using Al2O3-water nanofluid. Case Studies in Thermal Engineering, 102514.

[10] Mithun, C., Hasan, M. J., Azad, A., Hossain, R., & Rahman, M. (2022). Effect of unsteady relative thermal and concentration boundary layer thickness on mixed convection in a partially heated contaminated enclosure. South African Journal of Chemical Engineering, 42, 201-215.

[9] Nasim, M., Hasan, M. J., & Galvanetto, U. (2022). Impact behavior of energy absorbing helmet liners with PA12 lattice structures: A computational study. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 233, 107673.

[8] Azad, A., Islam, N. M. M., Mithun, C., Rifa, T. I., Hasan, M. J., Hossain, R., & Rahman, M. (2022). Numerical study on heat and mass transfer characteristics in a confined enclosure with variable buoyancy ratio. Results in Engineering, 15, 100569.

[7] Hasan, M. J., Azad, A., Islam, Z., Hossain, R., & Rahman, M. (2022). Periodic Unsteady Natural Convection on CNT Nano-powder Liquid in a Triangular Shaped Mechanical Chamber. International Journal of Thermofluids, 15, 100181.

[6] Hossain, R., Hasan, M. J., Azad, A., & Rahman, M. (2022). Numerical study of low Reynolds number effect on MHD mixed convection using CNT-oil nanofluid with radiation. Results in Engineering, 14, 100446.

[5] Hasan, M. J., Ahmed, S. F., & Bhuiyan, A. A. (2022). Geometrical and coil revolution effects on the performance enhancement of a helical heat exchanger using nanofluids. Case Studies in Thermal Engineering, 35, 102106.

[4] Islam, Z., Azad, A., Hasan, M. J., Hossain, R., & Rahman, M. (2022). Unsteady periodic natural convection in a triangular enclosure heated sinusoidally from the bottom using CNT-water nanofluid. Results in Engineering, 14, 100376.

[3] Hossain, R., Azad, A., Hasan, M. J., & Rahman, M. (2022). Radiation effect on unsteady MHD mixed convection of kerosene oil-based CNT nanofluid using finite element analysis. Alexandria Engineering Journal, 61(11), 8525-8543.

[2] Hossain, R., Azad, A., Hasan, M. J., & Rahman, M. (2022). Thermophysical properties of Kerosene oil-based CNT nanofluid on unsteady mixed convection with MHD and radiative heat flux. Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal, 35, 101095.

[1] Hasan, M. J., Tawkir, K., & Bhuiyan, A. A. (2022). Improvement of an exhaust gas recirculation cooler using discrete ribbed and perforated louvered strip vortex generator. International Journal of Thermofluids, 13, 100132.

Submitted/Under-review in Journals (10)

• Utilization of CCS technology in a coal-based thermal power plant for retrofitting.
• Thermo-hydrodynamic characteristics and entropy generation in a tube heat exchanger using multiple head ribbed geometries.
• Numerical Investigation of Cooling Enhancement of a Hybrid Photovoltaic Thermal (PVT) Module Using Various Ribbed Surfaces.
• Thermal Performance Investigation of a Flat Plate Solar Collector Using Al2O3-water, SWCNT and MWCNT Nanofluids.
• Time-Dependent Mixed Convection flow on Kerosene Oil-Based CNT Nanofluid with MHD and Radiative Heat Flux: A Numerical Study.
• Numerical Analysis of Unsteady Magnetic Effect on Kerosene Oil-Based CNT Nanofluid in a Square Enclosure with Radiative Heat Flux.
• Diffusive Mixed Convective Flow in a Room with an Air Channel with Variable Reynolds Number: A Numerical Study.
• Effect of Richardson Number on Transient Double Diffusive Mixed Convection: A Thermo-Hydrodynamic Study.
• Rotating Cylinder Effect on the Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in a Partially Heated MHD Square Enclosure Using CNT-water Nanofluid.
• Potentials, Possibilities and Planning of Coal Combustion Technology of Bangladesh: A State of the Art Review.

Work in Progress (07)

• Performance investigation of a thermal power plant in Bangladesh using the Carbon Capturing System (CCS) for retrofitting to attain zero emission.
          (IUT Research Seed Grant Project- IUT RSG-2021-003)
           -Visited Barapukuria Coal-Based Thermal Powerplant, Dinajpur and collected the data of the PP.
           -Designed the 125 MW Furnace of the PP using SolidWorks for pre-processing the CFD simulation.
           -Used specific Boundary conditions and Discrete Phase Model in Ansys Fluent for the validation.
           -Analyzed the air firing and four oxy firing cases and plotted the desired results.

• Rethinking the design of protective helmets to avoid traumatic brain injuries.
           (REDIPhE – In collaboration with the University of Padova, Italy)
           -Designing simplified lattice liners for a motorcycle helmet with given unit cells.

• A CFD analysis on improving airflow distribution in an Indoor Vertical Farming System (IVFS).
           (In collaboration with the University of California – Davis, USA)
          – Designed a fluid domain of an IVFS with associated dimensions.
          – Setting up the boundary conditions to simulate the CFD simulation.

• Effect of rotational speed on heat and mass transfer of a rotating cylinder under magnetic field in a square enclosure.
           (In collaboration with Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka)
          – Showing the different thermo-hydrodynamic phenomena varying the rotational speed.
          – Showing the magnetic field effect on water-based CNT nanofluid as well.

• A CFD model for efficiency enhancement of fluid-to-air multi-fin heat exchanger.
           -Validating the study against an experimental work.

• Performance enhancement of a hot water radiator – a CFD study.
           -Validating the study with the experimental work.

• Thermohydraulic characteristics of a nanofluid in a shell-and-tube heat exchanger using helical baffles
           -Validating the study with the experimental work.